About CIKK


CIKK [sick] is an up-and-coming apparel brand that strives to offer high quality products and customer experiences. CIKK currently designs and produces luxury, comfortable tees and tanks for everyday wear and will soon launch other styles and products.

HALF of all profits that CIKK makes go to providing third-world countries with sources of clean water. We think it's crazy that somewhere between 800 million and 1 billion people still don't have cheap, clean water like you and I enjoy everyday.

The profits from every single item sold will go to Living Water, a charity that focuses on satisfying a physical need in the form of safe drinking water and fulfilling a spiritual need in the form of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

CIKK's vision is to aid this process by offering a sleek, unique brand consumers can trust. Our focus is on adding value - to the customer, to local communities, and to the world. We are here to serve, not to be served and would love to hear any feedback from you. 

Example - how it works when you buy a Promo Tee:

Debt free since day one.

Christ Is King of Kings.

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