H20 and Hardship

H20 and Hardship

There are three primary ways God teaches us by His Spirit--
  1. Through others
  2. Through spiritual disciplines
  3. Through circumstances
The following is a sweet story of God working through this third way, a seemingly crappy circumstance turned teaching moment, that was sent to me from a friend's Facebook page:

"Story time!!!

If you’re friends with me on Snapchat you may have seen our early morning wake up call. At about 3:30 this morning I woke up super out of sorts (with really, really messy hair) to our apartment CA knocking on our door asking if our apartment had flooded. Once I mentally processed what was going on we noticed that it had indeed flooded and we took pictures of the damage and attempted to keep the water from seeping into our rooms. From about 3:30-7:00 we had custodial staff knocking on our doors coming to clean up/check on the water and also fire alarms blaring because they were broken due to water damage. Since the apartment complex had flooded due to a pipe bursting, we were also out of water during this period of time until it was fixed.

My point of this story is for the 3-4 hours we were out of water I was kind of lost. I couldn’t go to the bathroom, wash my hands, wash my face, get a drink of water, shower, brush my teeth, rinse my dishes or make coffee like I normally do. We were fortunate enough to have bottled water to do most of these things, BUT this story isn’t about me this is about those WITHOUT access to clean water. This whole fiasco gave me a new appreciation for the access we have to clean water and also just water in general. I was only out of running water for 4 hours, and even had bottled water to use to complete most of my everyday morning routine. But I think about the people and children in other countries and even in our own country who don’t ever have the convenience of turning on a faucet for fresh, running water. I realize how much I take water for granted and how necessary it is in my everyday life.

My heart hurts for those without access to clean and fresh flowing water. And today more than ever I realize how important it is for everyone to have access to it. This is an issue that I have a newfound passion for. I am going to start pursuing this passion by buying another CIKK (Christ Is King of Kings) shirt because not only is the message true and 110% worthy of spreading but also “The profits from every single item sold will go to Living Water, a charity that focuses on satisfying a physical need in the form of safe drinking water and fulfilling a spiritual need in the form of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.” (Copied right from CIKK Apparel’s page !!!)

Water is so vital as human beings, as it satisfies a need for us physically. Likewise, Spiritually we have a vital need of living water, Jesus, the only one who can fulfill and satisfy us completely if we let Him.

My prayer is that today you could realize how much you rely on water, and how vital it is for you physically... and also realize spiritually how much you rely on the living water, Jesus! And if you don’t know Jesus yet, my prayer is that you will someday, because He truly, truly satisfies. And His Gospel story is so so worth spreading!! Well, I’m not really sure how a story about my apartment flooding turned into this, but I’m really glad it did!!"

We're glad it did too. Big thank you to Sydney Rosenboom for her compassionate heart amidst a personal hardship and for allowing us to share this story with you all!
Christ Is King of Kings.


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