Business Update 9/17

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Business Update 9/17

Welp. You all have been ridiculously amazing.

That alone should pretty much summarize this business update if you'd like to stop reading.

What do I mean by that? Well without you, we wouldn't be selling any products or donating any money to anyone in need, so thank you. Nor would we be feeling so motivated and encouraged to continue doing more and more of what we're already doing so thank you again.

Now, you may be wondering what the heck we have been doing. Besides fulfilling orders like crazy (which we love doing and is very exciting), we've also been blessed with having some other opportunities on our plate!

For instance, we are currently exploring a couple of our first retail locations, one of which we hope to be in towards the beginning of October!! P48 Boutique is an ultra-successful, trendy apparel shop in Fort Dodge, Iowa whom we are crazy excited to begin a relationship with. If you're ever in Fort Dodge, we insist you check them out. This company's values are very aligned with our own and P48 stands for Philippians 4:8

Also, some of you may have noticed we recently had the incredible opportunity of setting up a booth at a Bethel Music worship event in collaboration with Unite Midwest AND our first ever #CIKKday was an amazing success (thanks to you guys of course).

Last but definitely not least, we were able to come across a very reputable manufacturer to launch a headwear line consisting of not one, not two, but THREE styles of seriously dope hats which we are very excited about (you can see previews on the web). 

The Five and Seven are expected to arrive a couple weeks (like next week) before The Trucker, but we are expecting seriously high demand due to the very limited quantity we will have available so do not wait on those if you want one guys! I am truly only telling you that for your own good. 

Other than ALL OF THAT, nothing else too crazy has been happening. We want to encourage you to stay in school (actually, dropout if it's a good enough reason), keep helping us share our vision, and continue pursuing and living for our Savior and King of Kings. 

Again, thank you.

P.S. If you really want to help out our ministry, we'd seriously appreciate a follow on Insta or leaving a helpful review/like on Facebook!


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